Introducing the Art of the Grecian Painter Anargyros Paschalis

P&M Artworks is proud to announce an online show of the art work of Anargyros Paschalis.  These works are available for a limited time so please call for details and pricing. 

Anargyros Paschalis, a student of the Athens School of Fine Arts received first and second state scholarships from the Greek Institution for state scholarships early in his studies and continued to receive recognition for his unique and moving paintings.  In addition to his three exhibitions at the Athens Art Gallery, Paschalis has also exhibited at the Centre of Fine Arts in Athens, the Athens Municipal Gallery and the Shanghai Artistic Association Creative Centre.  

These featured paintings are available for purchase now by calling 913.220.3232 or place the order online.  Search: Anargyros Paschalis for details and pricing.  

Secret Salon Works Available for Purchase