The Ceramics of Anastasia Komselis

 We welcome to our website the marvelous ceramics of Anastasia Komselis.  Anastasia comes from Athens, Greece, where she has shown her work for many, many years.  The pristine beauty and naivete' of her heads and figures recall the classicism of ancient Greece.  No two figures are alike.  In fact, if you turn the heads or jars around, they present a fresh view of the subject that is quite delightful.

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  • Julie S. on

    I am loving Anastasia’s collection! Such a feminine charm to each piece. Just beautiful!

  • Elizabeth on

    Anastasia’s ceramics are so appealing. I particularly like the faces with the holly wreaths. I have been to Greece and seen the ancient statues and it is interesting to know her source of inspiration. What neat things you have!! I can’t wait for the next artist!
    - Elizabeth

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