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P&M Artworks is proud to announce an online show of the work of painter Anargyros Paschalis.

Anargyros Paschalis, a student of the Athens School of Fine Arts received first and second state scholarships from the Greek Institution for state scholarships early in his studies and continued to receive recognition for his unique and moving paintings.  In addition to his three exhibitions at the Athens Art Gallery, Paschalis has also exhibited at the Centre of Fine Arts in Athens, the Athens Municipal Gallery and the Shanghai Artistic Association Creative Centre.  Many of Anargyros Paschalis' works are in the collection of Eurobank as well as in private collections in Greece, Brussels, and Kuwait.  In October of 2016, the Athens Art Gallery presented Anargyros Paschalis' third solo exhibition of paintings "Meteora gait." 

The exhibition presented a series of oil paintings on canvas focusing either on man or nature. According to the art historian, Leda Kazantzaki, the exhibition brings to mind Nietzsche's concept "vivere pericolosamente" (living dangerously). For Nietzsche it meant the secret of happiness and completeness. Anargyros Paschalis' projects deal with the essential contrast of light and darkness, life with death, taking us to the rough paths of expressionism, cubism, and surrealism.  The artist is also influenced by the work of Giorgio de Chirico, Italian surrealist painter, who utilized a repertoire of highly enigmatic motifs.

The exhibition presented a series of oil paintings on canvas focusing either on man or nature.



"Anargyros Paschalis leads us through his paintings with a conscientious condensation of form, an essential contrast of light and darkness, and even a confrontation between life and death apparent in the lonely solitary figures. He is following the path of Expressionism and Surrealism: the former with a loaded gestural brush and the latter, with an ambiguous and alienating figure or group of figures in a desolate landscape whose visual language betrays their fears and visions."


-Translated from Athenian art critic, Liza Kazatchaki



",,,The figures that  Anargyros Paschalis draws with his painting brush are bereft of any characteristic features.From afar they remind us of smoothly created figureheads of the creator of Metaphysical Painting, Giorgio De Chirico and they seem to move in a space which is unreal or imaginary. When we approach them, though, we distinguish in their shattered bony limbs and their hesitating movements or stances facing the unknown that lies ahead, the influences of the gaunt creatures of the sculptor of the 20th century, Alberto Giacometti."


-Rector of School of Fine Art of Athens, Giannis Valavanidis



The P&M Artworks online exhibition and sale features works from Paschalis' most recent collection as well as other select works.  

The P&M Artworks online exhibition and sale will feature works from Paschalis' most recent collection as well as other select works.  The artist will conduct an online interview in advance of the exhibition so check back with us February 14 to view the interview 


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