Concrete Traffic: A Body of Work

Concrete Traffic Sculpture University of Chicago Vostell

 Vostell Concrete 1969–1973

In Case You Missed the Exhibit that Ran January 17—June 11, 2017, in Chicago:

In the late 1960s and early 1970s, Fluxus co-founder Wolf Vostell (1932–1998) used concrete as an actual material and an artistic motif in a surprising, unique body of work that included Concrete Traffic, a Cadillac encased in concrete that was parked in a garage adjacent to the Smart Museum of Art.

Presented as part of Concrete Happenings at the University of Chicago, Vostell Concrete featured nearly 50 of Vostell’s works in a variety of media that mobilized concrete’s ambivalent connotations of permanence and inflexibility, strength and violence to engage with the postwar, internationalizing world.

To Read More on Vostell Concrete, visit the Smart Museum of Art Website (University of Chicago):



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