House of Katharine Collection

Katie grew up in southeast Asia where she learned to be a keen observer of culture and people. Armed with an MBA, she became a Marketing executive with Hallmark Cards in Kansas City where she honed her strategic and management experience, which helped her subsequently launch several businesses in real estate, consulting and design.  She is also a stellar community and international volunteer, helping transform people and organizations.

Katie Gerson comes from a family of artists, including her mother and grandmother, who taught her to knit, crochet, needlepoint, craft and sew, thus combining her love of gemstones and skills of knitting, crochet and more.

Katie creates pieces that she likes to call “refined chaos”.

She founded House of Katharine Design and she hopes to add more diversity to her portfolio of pieces in the future, but for now, she is content with her now and then creative energy designing unique pieces of jewelry that are truly one-of-a-kind.