Social Change Art by Caitlin Cartwright

Caitlin Cartwright is a painter and social change artist from Ohio, special to Kansas City this fall, through P&M Artworks.  Ms. Cartwright has spent several years living and working abroad in Madagascar, Namibia, and India.  Ms. Cartwright has her BFA from Maryland Institute College of Art and recently earned her Masters degree in Sustainable International Development. She uses art as a tool for economic empowerment, peace-building, and healing and wellness.  Her combination painting-drawing-collages are vibrant and visual narratives.  Her works have been shown both nationally and internationally.  


"I use a combination of acrylic and latex paint, drawing, and collaged elements on paper or wooden boards.  These collage materials are selected carefully for their cultural context or use, which helps further the visual story.  I work in a narrative format, focusing on small, personal moments.  I always begin with an autobiographical event of from circumstances around me.  From this point, I build a story.  Location is very important to me and no matter where I find myself, I rely heavily on what's around me for content and inspiration.  Having lived in several cultures around the world has helped me build my visual vocabulary."