About Us



Wouldn’t you like to be able to walk into a gallery and not only understand the art but be able to afford it? Wouldn’t you like the option, (if you aren’t an impulse buyer) to think over your selection, view it and then buy it online?

This is P&M Artworks. 

We promote the finest art and artisans from Kansas City and around the world.

An art historian and a psychiatrist seem an unlikely combination, but we both have a keen interest in people and the way they express themselves. We love to travel and when we do, we haunt the market places, artist workshops, galleries, and local bazaars looking for wondrous things to bring home and enjoy.

We are keen on showing emerging artists and have pop-up shows twice per year to do just that. Our Fourth Annual Juried Art Show was this Spring and we look forward to supporting local artists in this way in the years to come. 

Our taste tends to be more representational than contemporary. We are not limited to painting, photography and sculpture. Our hope is to present artwork in all its forms: jewelry, ceramics, metal, wood and textiles. We own many pieces by artists we show in our gallery.

- Patricia B. Glenn and Michael J. Pronko, MD.


P&M ARTWORKS  •  4121 West 83rd Street, Suite 223 Prairie Village, KS 66208  •  913-220-3232