Three Hands: Artists' Statements for Charlie Mylie , Zachary Miley, and Andy Ozier




"These new drawings are from working in new ways. In a flower shop, of course drawings of flowers. In addition though, think growth, trying new things, and permission to experiment. Watching a bud unfold over a several days until petals are spread and the stem will snap to be placed in a vase. Normally I draw in ink with watercolor on small pieces of paper. Now it's bigger. Colored inks are pressed like flowers in a book. Inking with brush not pen while white comes up from the background to lay on top. These techniques are at the tip of my experience. This simple joy of playing around because that is growing is what I hope these drawings show you. Dancing, flirting, strutting and teasing like a flower might do if it had the limbs to flaunt about its velvet petals and radiant leaves before you notice that it has browned and wilted. Find fun in this little bit of greenery and get wet before it all goes to seed."

"Charlie Mylie is a Kansas City based artist, illustrator, and performer who is down to do just about anything. Having moved here in 2006 to attend the Kansas City Art Institute, he has found inspiration in the debris and community. As Pop-Up Charlie, he dresses as a golden wizard who can draw anything on the spot in water color. With his partner Lindsey, they create participatory performances that claim fun as a valuable aesthetic experience. He is a founding member of RadSchool, an experimental learning group in their 5th semester, and Silent Walking Club, exactly what it sounds like. Charlie and Lindsey just bought a house and are digging in to get deeper into their creative practices. Can we make our livings from the fruits of our best selves? We hope so."



CHARLIE MYLIE Drawings Performance and Participation (678).910.4055 3000 E 24th St, KCMO 64127 has been effectively affected by...



2013- current POP-UP CHARLIE, on the spot, on demand color illustration- Yes itís true, Pop Up Charlie will draw anything for youî , KCMO

2012 CAE Instructor, Mattie Rhodes, Kansas City, MO

2012 Ideas and Footwork, Grand Arts, Kansas City, MO

2012 Organizer, Participant, KC FREE SKOOL, Kansas City, MO

2011-2012 Co-Founder, Staff, Pequignot Palace Residency, New Hampton, MO

2010-2011 Mentor, Marietta Johnson School of Organic Education, Fairhope, AL

2010 KC,MO to NO,LA by Canoe with Andrew Roth, MO, IL, KY, TN, AK, MS, LA

2010 Instructor, LEARN Homeschool Group, Kansas City, MO

2010 Art Teacher, Kansas City Art Institute Continuing Education, KCMO

2008-2009 Art Teacher, Berkley Child and Family Development Center, KCMO



2014 Rocket Grant Recipient

2013 Fun Projects Fellowship, Brooklyn, NY

2012 OKKC Residency, Tulsa, OK

2009 Charlotte Street Foundation's Urban Culture Project Residency Program, KCMO

2009 BROZONE Residency Program, Portland, Oregon



2012-current RadSchool KC

2006-2009 Kansas City Art Institute (Interdisciplinary and Art History)

2006 Experimental Television Workshop (Alfred University)

2005-2006 Atlanta College of Art



2014 OMG MAIL, Leedy Voulkos Art Center, KCMO

2014 Civilian Publication, Front Space, KCMO

2014 Nothing Dirty, Westside Local, KCMO

2014 Juried Flatfile Show, HR Block Artspace, KCMO

2013 Great Stuff, MoBank, KCMO

2013 Charlie Drew Those, Westside Local, KCMO

2013 OKKC, Mid-America Arts Alliance, KCMO

2013 Rises Zora, Charlotte Street Foundation, KCMO

2013 Focus OKKC, La Esquina, KCMO

2013 Cray Cooking With Linz and Chaz, Living Arts, Tulsa, OK

2012 Concept OK, Hardesty Arts Center, Tulsa, OK

2012 Juried Flatfile Show, H&R Block Artspace, KCMO

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Andy Ozier graduated from the Kansas City Art Institute in 2013 with a B.F.A. in illustration. Currently lives and works in Kansas City as a freelance illustrator. All drawings on display were created in front of a live model in 15 minutes or less, giving them a quick and intimate gestural feel. He considers himself a meat enthusiast, annually publishing a contributor based zine titled 'Beefstik' showcasing meat themed art, stories, poetry & more. You can view his work at


RESUME / 913-708-4720

references available upon request



Bachelor of Fine Arts, Illustration 2013

Kansas City Art Institute, Kansas City, MO



2013- present     Kemper Museum Of Contemporary Art                              Kansas City, MO

                            Protection Officer II

2011-12               Assistant to Artist/ Illustrator Nathan Fox                           Kansas City, MO

2011-2013           Post Press Production Mpress                                               Kansas City, MO                                                            

2012                    Editor for Sprung Formal 7 Literary Magazine                      Kansas City, MO



2012                     17th Annual student exhibition                                                   Kansas City, MO

                             Kansas City Artists Coalition

2012                     Hatchery Show, City Ice Arts                                                      Kansas City, MO

2013                     Reviving the Shark, The Late Show                                            Kansas City, MO

2013                     New Kids On The Block, The Late Show                                    Kansas City, MO                                             

 2013                     Annual KCAI B.F.A. Exhibition                                                   Kansas City, MO 

                             H&R Block Artspace

2013                     18th Annual Student Exhibition                                                  Kansas City, MO

                             Kansas City Artists Coalition

2013                     Society Of Illustrators Scholarship Show                             New York, NY

2013                     Figure Obscura, Paragraph Gallery                                          Kansas City, MO

2014                     Divine, Leedy Voulkos Art Center                                             Kansas City, MO

2014                     Society Of Illustrators Scholarship Show                            New York, NY

2014                     Kansas City Flat file, H&R Block Artspace                             Kansas City, MO

2014                    Three Hands, Plum Gallery                                                      Kansas City, MO



2008                     Optimist Scholarship, Blue Valley Academy                       Overland Park, KS

2009                     Presidential scholarship                                                      Kansas City, MO

                             Kansas City Art Institute

2013                     Winner in Society Of Illustrators 2013                                 New York, NY

                             scholarship competition

                             (two selected works)

2013                     One of two selected pieces received                                  New York, NY

                             the Helen Wohlberg Lambert                                                                        

                             And Herman Lambert scholarship

2014                     Selected artist for 2014 Charlotte Street                              Kansas City, MO

                             Art Boards,  Work displayed from         

                             Sept. - Nov. 2014

2014                     Winner in Society Of Illustrators 2014                                  New York, NY

                             scholarship competition (two selected works)

2014                     One of two selected works received the Society                 New York, NY                                    

                             Of Illustrators Board of Directors Scholarship.



2012                    Three week residency at the Arcosanti Project:                    Prescott, Arizona

                             Art History of the American Southwest, 

                             Architecture, Ecology and Arcology




Borrowing from a minimalist methodology, Zachary Miley's sparse and meticulous graphite drawings of ambiguous forms make innumerable symbolic references despite their occasionally specific titles. In most cases, the drawings make use of novels, authors, and phrases that had a relevance during the creation of the drawing. Rather than using these works of literature as intellectual markers, Miley uses the emotional and affectual content of the referred work to inject life into the otherwise cold and distant image.

Similar to Ludwig Wittgenstein's lifelong search for a perfect language (in Tractatus LogicoPhilosophicus), Miley is searching for a perfect expression of not just personal ideals, but philosophical representations of what drawing can mean and do in a contemporary art scene. Drawing should refuse to be defined, relying not on understanding but on confusion to create its meaning. These works coalesce into something that purposefully subverts taste and identity.

The use of symbolism in these drawings is different from other metaphorical relationships. While the drawing and the referent don't appear to have any logical affinity, the disjunction between the two specific points of reference (the drawing and the symbolic reference) serves to broaden the definition of the drawing. The standardized artistic vocabulary doesn't necessarily apply to the drawings because they donít restrict themselves to the formal conventions of most imagemaking processes such as composition, color, and value. Similarly, the oblique use of literary references does not allow them into the conversations surrounding literature. Despite the workís exemption from two welltraveled, art schooltaught paths, it still provides a distinct impression of care, emotion, and meaning that provides a safety net of 'content' for viewers to fall into.

Zachary Miley is an artist and designer residing in Kansas City, Missouri, where he was born and still resides. The driving force behind his work is the neverending thirst for knowledge and the search for new paradoxes. A recent graduate of the Kansas City Art Insitute and 201314 Charlotte Street Foundation VisualArtistinresidence, he has shown locally and nationally, including the North Carolina Museum of Art, Blue Gallery, and the Writer's Place.



Kansas City Art Institute, BFA in Painting/Illustration, 2013




Oak st. is for poststructuralism, 4010 Oak, Kansas City, MO

Charlotte Street Foundation Open Studios, Town Pavilion, Kansas City, MO


Painting Senior Thesis Exhibition, Dodge Painting Gallery, Kansas City, MO

Kansas City Art Institute BFA Exhibition, H&R Block Artspace, Kansas City, MO

KCAC Student Exhibition, Kansas City Artists Coalition, Kansas City, MO

New Kids on the Block, The Late Show Gallery, Kansas City, MO

Austerity Measures, Cara y Cabezas Contemporary, Kansas City, MO

Zen in the Art of Foosball, Blue Gallery, Kansas City, MO


A Life, Still, North Carolina Museum of Art, Raleigh, NC

Found Worlds, Dodge Painting Gallery, Kansas City, MO

The Hatchery, City Ice Arts, Kansas City, MO

Kiva Corps Exhibition and Auction, Rag & Bone, Kansas City, MO

YouHaul Install #3, 18th & Baltimore, Kansas City, MO

Art@Work, Union Station, Kansas City, MO

KCAC Student Exhibition, Kansas City Artists Coalition, Kansas City, MO

Construction in Structure, City Ice Arts, Kansas City, MO

Home, The Writer's Place, Kansas City, MO

YouHaul Install #2, 18th & Baltimore, Kansas City, MO


Skills End of Semester Show, Continuing Education, Kansas City, MO

YouHaul Install #1, 18th & Baltimore, Kansas City, MO



Urban Culture Project Residency, Charlotte Street Foundation

Trustee's Scholarship, Kansas City Art Institute

Dean's List (3 years), Kansas City Art Institute

Best in Show, Art@Work

Juried Exhibition Selections:

Austerity Measures A Life, Still Art@Work, KCAC Student Exhibition (x2), Construction in Structure, Home